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These are the current open positions we have, but you are also welcome to send us a spontaneous application. We are constantly looking for new colleagues who share our passion for high-tech and better agriculture.

Electrical Engineer

If you ever wanted to build robots, this is likely your dream job!

The tasks involved will be cabling, routing of power and communication cables, ingress protection, and in general, making the robot as robust as possible.

We have already produced several prototypes to use as templates, but have many more exciting features in the pipeline.

You will work with some of the best experts in automation and robotic systems in Bulgaria, greatly expanding you experience and knowledge in the field.

Sounds interesting? Then send us your CV and availabilities, and we’ll get back to you very soon!

You will learn to work with our state of the art robotic systems, greatly expanding your knowledge and experience in this area.

As operator, you will be involved in the actual robot’s field work, including:

  • deploying the robots on our test field and taking training photos of our  crops and weeds
  • deploying the robots on the actual client fields for weeding and taking care of transportation, storage, safety, charging, tool maintenance, etc.

Depending on your skills, eagerness to learn and preferences you can then get more involved in various other areas of company activities, like robots maintenance, development, customer assistance, etc.

Sounds interesting? Then send us your CV and availabilities and we’ll get back to you very soon!